S Broker Depot reviews

S Broker Depot in the test 2021: Costs, Software & Co. under the microscope

The savings bank broker is certainly better known to most customers and consumers under the name S Broker. It is the central online broker of the entire Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, which has its headquarters in Hesse (Wiesbaden). In this article we will discuss, among other things, the S Broker costs and S Broker Depot fees. The S Broker was founded in 2001 and now has over 150,000 customers who primarily use the opportunity to trade securities through the broker.

The s-Broker offers its services in the field of securities trading to both end customers and the various savings banks. More than 200 savings banks are now directly or indirectly involved in the broker.

Advantages and disadvantages of S Broker

  • Various depot types, including free depots
  • Discounts for frequent traders from 100 trades per year
  • Free and interest-bearing overnight deposit account as a settlement account
  • Various order variants, for example stop-loss orders
  • Extensive information material
  • Trading on all German stock exchanges as well as on almost 30 foreign stock exchanges
  • Direct trading is possible
  • Securities account free of charge only under certain conditions
  • 9,95 Euro for telephone trading
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  • CFD Service — 77% Lose Money

S Broker Depot test experiences were very good, especially in terms of conditions and services. In our S Broker Depot test, for example, we were able to determine that there are different types of custody accounts, although in principle it is also possible to use the securities account free of charge. This is the case if there is at least 10,000 euros in stock or the customer makes at least one trade per quarter. Among the other advantages, which we would also like to mention in our S Broker review, are the various order variants that the trader can choose between. In addition, there is a so-called multi-trader discount, which then comes into force if more than 100 trades are made per year. In addition, extensive information materials are available to customers and a web trading platform can be used. We didn’t like it so much in our s-Broker test that 9.90 euros are charged for telephone trading and the stock portfolio is only managed free of charge under one condition.


  • Free securities account (under the conditions mentioned)
  • Free and interest-bearing settlement account
  • Order commission 0.25 percent of the order value
  • Price per order at least 9.95 euros and a maximum of 49.95 euros
  • Trading on all German stock exchanges, XETRA and on 28 foreign stock exchanges
  • 9,90 Euro for telephone trading
  • Deposit costs in case of non-fulfillment of the requirements for free deposit
  • No minimum deposit
  • Free limit orders
  • Change and delete orders for free
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Regulation and deposit insurance

S Broker Depot reviews

The S Broker belongs to the large savings bank organization and is therefore also regulated and monitored by the competent supervisory authority BaFin. Our S Broker experience in the field of deposit insurance was brilliant, which is mainly due to the fact that the deposits on the trading account with the S Broker are protected in an unlimited amount. This has to do with the fact that the S Broker belongs to the Savings Bank organization and thus also uses their security system, which includes this unlimited deposit insurance in terms of amount.


S Broker is based in Germany and is regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The broker’s approach is therefore subject to strict controls by the responsible BaFin. The customer’s funds are not only protected by the statutory deposit insurance, but also by the insurance system of the Savings Bank organization.

S Broker experience in detail

First of all, it was noticed in our S Broker Depot in the test that the broker offers different securities depot variants. The custody account can be used free of charge provided that the customer either carries out a transaction in the quarter (at least) or continuously has 10,000 euros at the end of the quarter as an equivalent on his securities account or as an asset portfolio. If this condition is not met, monthly deposit fees of 2.95 euros will be charged. The settlement account, on the other hand, is in any case free of charge and will also bear interest. In addition to the depot for students and trainees, for example, there is also an investment club depot, which is suitable for all investment clubs that have a maximum of 50 members. Not only stocks, bonds, ETFs and certificates can be traded at the S Broker via the depot, but CFD trading is also possible, for example. It was also positively noticed in our S Broker Depot in the test that there are a total of over 6,500 national and international funds that can also be traded via the S Broker. There are no less than around 4,000 funds with a discount on the premium of up to 100 percent. Various fund savings plans can also be used.

Conclusion: The services of S Broker include not only a securities account variant. These include a depot for students and trainees and an investment club depot. Not only stocks can be traded via the securities account, but also interesting financial products are on offer. It is also possible to use various fund savings plans. Overall, the range of services is extensive.

S Broker Depot in the test — S Broker Costs and trading conditions

S Broker Depot reviews

As for trading as such, the clients of the S Broker can choose between the web trading platform and the professional tool Market Investor Pro. In both cases, the use is free of charge and in addition to detailed price and market information, an integrated chart analysis tool can also be used. As far as the S Broker costs are concerned, the order commission to be observed is 0.25 percent of the order value. The minimum price for an order is 9.95 euros and the maximum the customer has to pay (plus trading platform fee) 49.95 euros, which must also be taken into account when calculating the individual capital requirements and return opportunities. Limit orders as well as the deletion and modification of orders is possible at the S Broker free of charge. A minimum deposit is not required by the broker.

Conclusion: The making of a minimum deposit on the S Broker depot is not shown. With the order fees, traders will find a minimum order fee of 9.95 euros. The maximum price per order is 49.95 euros plus trading place fee. The broker’s trading platforms are available for free use and offer trade insight into price and market information.

Training Depot and Watchlist

S Broker Depot reviews

Our S Broker Depot in the test has shown that customers can create as many practice depots as they like. Registration for an exercise depot is free of charge. Of course, if you want to use an exercise depot, you must have activated this function. The same applies when using a watchlist. To do this, the customer must log in with his access data and activate the function, if this has not yet been done. Exercise depot and watchlist are important tools to conveniently monitor your own portfolio. Upon reaching set limits, the trader can be notified by e-mail. Again, traders should first make sure that this feature has been activated. In addition, there are extensive analysis options and views that the trader can use as support for trading. In addition, the note function can come in handy for any value.

Conclusion: As a customer of S Broker, registration for the exercise depot and watchlist is free of charge. For this purpose, any number of exercise depots can be created. It should be ensured that the corresponding function has also been activated in order to be able to take advantage of the benefits. This includes notification by e-mail when set limits are reached.

S Broker mobile app

Nowadays, the customer-oriented services of a broker should also include a mobile app that allows the management of the trading account even on the go. Our S Broker Depot test showed that the S Boker mobile app is equipped with numerous advantages. The use of the app is free of charge. However, CFD trading via the app is currently not possible. Which turned out to be a noticeable disadvantage in our S Broker depot in the test. The possibilities of the app include access to the depot, the watchlist and current market data. In addition, news, indices and quotes are available for inspection. General questions on the topic will be answered on the corresponding website of the broker. For this purpose, tips on using the app via the mobile device are listed. The mobile app stands for Android devices, iPhone, iPad.

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